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The team at WhiteLight Consulting are thrilled to support the work of LIFT Ireland. Founded by Joanne Hession in 2018, the organisation is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to improve leadership in Ireland.

LIFTING Ireland 2019 at the Aviva Stadium Dublin on 22nd May 2019

This week, we managed the 2019 LIFTING Ireland Summit at the AVIVA Stadium on behalf of Joanne and her team. LIFT is a ground up movement so it was particularly appropriate that the stars of the conference were community activists and young people.

Over 300 people gathered on 22nd May to take part in discussions on leadership, to learn from others and to participate in Round Table Leadership Training. These LIFT Round Table sessions are the key to improving leadership one person at a time. At LIFTING 2019, delegates experienced the “Listening” Round Table, which is one of the 8 parts of the group learning programme.

Panelists from different walks of life all shared their thoughts and experiences of leadership with MC Sonya Lennon (right) and the LIFTING Ireland audience. Left to right: Bernard Jackman, ex Ireland Rugby Player, Deborah Samorin, Founder of Empower The Family, Peter Ryan, Paralympian, Noelle Burke, Head of HR, RSA and Vincent Harrison, Managing Director, DAA

As an organisation, LIFT has an ambitious aim, to reach 10% of the population within ten years through their training programme. Since its launch, LIFT Ireland has built a network of over 400 trained facilitators, which continues to grow each day.

Perhaps the highlight of LIFTING 2019 was the presence of TY students who lead the Listening Round Tables. Business, sporting, political, faith civic and community leaders from across Ireland were training in the LIFT process by a team of wonderful young people who had themselves taken part of the process. What emerged from the day was an understanding that Ireland’s future is in good hands. These young people demonstrated skill, confidence, compassion and good humour in their role at LIFT.  LIFT Ireland believes that the more people ‘living LIFT’, the better it is for our country’s future and, working with the LIFT Ireland team, we believe that too!

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